Simple Guide On Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup

The Xerox WorkCentre 3335 monochrome multifunction printer delivers a solid punch with powerful productivity, particularly designed to make your work more efficient than ever. The multifunction printer conserves a lot of energy and reduces the supply cost by combining all the functions into one compact machine. It takes simplicity to a whole new level with the user-friendly touch screen interface. Scroll down this page for Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Unboxing Setup


  • Unpack the printer from the carton and place it on a flat surface.
  • Keep the printer away from direct sunlight and somewhere in between the computer and the wireless router (for easy connection).
  • Remove the protective packaging material from all corners of the printer and discard them.
  • Open the front door of the printer to install the toner cartridge.
  • Unpack the toner cartridge from the packaging and get rid of the protective material and the covers.
  • Gently hold the toner cartridge in position and place it inside the printer --- push it in until it sits in its place.
  • Close the front door.
  • Pull the paper tray from the bottom of the printer.
  • Adjust the paper guides present inside (all three corners).
  • Place a stack of paper inside the tray and bring the guides along the edges of the paper.
  • Place the paper tray back into its position.
  • Connect the Fax cord to the LINE port of the printer and to the phone wall jack.
  • Remove the power cord from the packaging, connect it to the rear end of the printer and the power source.
  • Follow the commands on the control panel display and complete the initial Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup configuration.


  • Download the printer driver to your computer from this page or the official Xerox support page.
  • Once the download is done, run the installation for the file.
  • When the installer opens, follow the commands on the screen.
  • When the connection page opens, you can choose the connection of your choice for the printer.
  • Complete the full software setup for the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Driver Download

  • Open the support page for the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 setup printer.
  • Once the page opens, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • Select the operating system of your computer from the drop-down lists and click APPLY FILTERS.
  • Once the page reloads, select the driver you like to download.
  • Click the checkbox for the Terms and Conditions option.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.


  • On this page, locate and click the Driver Download button for Windows.
  • The very next second, the driver will be downloaded to your Windows computer.
  • You can also choose to download the printer driver from the official Xerox support page.
  • Open the default browser and visit the Xerox support page for WorkCentre 3335.
  • Locate and click the Drivers & Downloads tab on the page.
  • Click the Platform drop-down field and select Windows OS.
  • Select the Drivers option from the Category drop-down list.
  • Select your language and click the APPLY FILTERS button.
  • Click the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions for Xerox Smart Start – Driver Installer.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.


  • Click the Driver Download button on this page.
  • The printer driver for your Mac computer will be downloaded immediately.
  • If you wish to download the printer driver from the official Xerox support page, you can do so.
  • Open the Safari browser and visit the Xerox support page for WorkCentre 3335 printer.
  • On the page, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • Choose the Mac OS from the Platform drop-down list.
  • Select the Category drop-down list and click Drivers.
  • Choose your driver from the list and make sure to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button for the driver.
  • The driver will be downloaded to your Mac computer in no time.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Driver Install

  • Once you have the driver downloaded to your computer, you can proceed with the Xerox Workcentre 3335 setup.
  • To install the driver, perform a double-click on the downloaded file to run it.
  • Follow the commands on the screen to initiate the installation.
  • When the connection screen appears, select the connection you want for the printer and complete the driver installation.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Manual

You have two methods to download the manual for the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer.

  • On this page, click the Manual download button and the manual will be downloaded the very next second.
  • Another option is to open the Xerox support page for the printer.
  • Once the page opens, click the Documentation tab.
  • When the page reloads, select User Documentation and click Apply Filters.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button for the manual.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Wifi Setup

To perform a Wi-Fi setup, kindly gather your router information like the SSID, password, and router encryption method.

  • On the Xerox printer control panel, click the Wireless Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup option.
  • Select Edit Settings.
  • Select your wireless network SSID.
  • Select Shared key or WPA/WPA2-Personal.
  • Enter the password for the wireless network on the following screen.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • The setup will take a while and the printer will eventually be connected to the wireless network.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 How To Scan

To scan a document, you need to place the original document on the scanner glass. To know more about the various scan methods available on the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer, read the remaining sections.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Scan To Folder Setup

    Before you proceed, create a shared folder on your computer to save the scanned document. Take a note of the directory, name of the folder, the computer name, or the server name.
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address of the printer (to access Xerox Internet Services).
  • Click the Address Book option.
  • Click the Add button to add a contact to your address book; also enter the contact information.
  • To form a scan destination with the contact, click the + icon for Scan To Destination.
  • Type a name in the field provided.
  • Set SMB as the protocol.
  • For the Address Type, select IPv4, IPv6, or Host Name (the default Port number is 139).
  • For the Share Name field, type scans to save the scanned files.
  • Enter the appropriate set of information in the following fields.
  • Click the Save button.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Scan To Pc Setup

  • Place the original document on your Xerox WorkCentre 3335 setup printer’s scanner glass.
  • Open a browser on your computer.
  • Enter the printer IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • Click Properties > Services > Scan To.
  • Click the Pencil icon for Defaults.
  • Select Input Settings or Output Settings to make changes to the scan.
  • Click the Save button.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Scan To Email Setup

  • Open the default browser on your computer connected to the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer and enter the printer IP address. Then press Enter.
  • Click Properties > Services > Email.
  • Click the checkbox for Auto Discover SMTP Server.
  • Select the IP address type or the name.
  • Enter the appropriate format address or the host name of the server.
  • Type the email address of the printer under Device Email Address.
  • Select Enable for the Connection Encryption protocol.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Now, you have successfully completed Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup through scan to email.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Fax Configuration

  • On the printer control panel, press the Machine Status button.
  • Select Service Settings > Fax.
  • Tap the Fax Wizard Settings option.
  • Select your country from the list.
  • Tap Next.
  • Enter the fax number for the Line Number.
  • Enter a name for the printer.
  • Select Pulse for the Line Configuration option.
  • Touch Next & then select Reboot.
  • The fax configuration will take place and the printer will restart.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Default Password

  • The Default Password for the Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer is 1111.
  • The password is located inside the front door of the printer.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 How To Change Toner

  • Open the front door of the printer.
  • Locate the toner cartridge present inside. Use the handle, then pull it out and keep it aside.
  • Unpack the new toner cartridge and remove the protective material.
  • Gently shake it to redistribute the toner present inside.
  • Use the handle and hold it steady; gently insert it into its slot until it clicks itself in place.
  • Close the front door of Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup printer.

How To Clean Xerox Workcentre 3335

Clean Scanner glass:

  • Open the document cover of your Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer.
  • Use a lint-free damp cloth.
  • Remove the documents from the scanner glass and gently clean them.
  • Make sure there are no smudges inside.
  • Once the glass dries, use a dry cloth and wipe it off and close the document cover.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup Troubleshooting Guide

Over a period of use, there are chances that you might face some of the following issues with your WorkCentre 3335 printer. But not to worry, we have described the steps to troubleshoot them in no time.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Ethernet Card Disabled

  • You must disable the Wi-Fi services in order to enable an Ethernet card.
  • On the printer control panel, select Menu > Tools > Setup > Network Settings > Wireless > Wi-Fi.
  • Change the Wi-Fi status to off.
  • The Ethernet card will be enabled.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Fault Codes

    To have a view of the fault codes, you can do it from the printer control panel itself.
  • Make sure the Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup printer is turned on.
  • Press the Machine Status button.
  • Tap the Active Messages tab.
  • Select the Faults and Alerts menu and tap Faults.
  • The fault codes will be displayed. Each and every code will show the relevant error messages.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Not Printing

  • Make sure you have placed the right set of paper based on the print settings you have chosen.
  • Clear the paper jams in the printer if there are any.
  • Check if the printer is offline; troubleshoot the problem from your computer.
  • Always arrange the paper stack properly. Avoid placing crushed or damaged paper in the stack.
  • Lastly, check if the printer is connected to the power source or if there is a power fluctuation in the place the printer is connected.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Stuck Powering On

  • If the Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup printer is stuck while powering on, the best possible solution is to do a soft reset on the printer.
  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Now, remove the power cord that is connected to the power source.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Connect the plug back to the power source.
  • Wait for the printer to turn on automatically; you won’t face this issue.

Xerox 3335 Firmware Download

  • Open the default browser.
  • Visit the official Xerox support page for Xerox WorkCentre 3335.
  • Click the Drivers & Downloads tab on the page.
  • Select the operating system you are using and other information, then click the Apply Filter button.
  • Scroll down to the Firmware section.
  • Click the checkbox for I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.

Xerox Workcentre 3335 Factory Reset

  • Open the Xerox Internet Services in your browser by entering the printer IP address.
  • Click Status and select General.
  • Since the topic is to reset the printer to its factory default, click Network Factory Default.
  • Click the OK button to confirm the factory reset selection for your Xerox Workcentre 3335 Setup printer.