Why Is My Ricoh Printer Not Printing?

Ricoh is well known for its color laser printers. Most of the Ricoh printers are designed with the following features: standard Wi-Fi connectivity, duplex printing, mobile printing, USB printing options, and so on. It is one of the best printers that come with high-volume capabilities and low running costs. However, while using the Ricoh printer, users may encounter few issues. One such issue is "printer not printing." To fix Why Is My Ricoh Printer Not Printing issue, continue reading this page.


Ricoh Printer Not Printing Issue

  • Initially, check whether the Ricoh printer’s Power light is on. If it is turned off, it can’t respond to any printer-related operation from the computer.
  • Next, if the printer status is Offline , get it back online by pressing the Online button on the printer control panel.
  • If your printer encounters an error, then it will be displayed on its screen. So, check if an error or alert message is displayed on the printer screen. If yes, then perform the required troubleshooting method to clear it.
  • For USB: If your Ricoh printer is connected to the computer via a USB cable, then check whether the cable is connected securely at the ends.
Why Is My Ricoh Printer Not Printing?
Power Up The Printer
  • For Wired: Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected securely at the ends.
  • If you are using a damaged or incompatible cable, replace it and then check whether your printer can print now; make sure to connect the Ethernet cable before turning on the printer.
  • For wireless: If your connection is wireless, then make sure that the Ricoh printer and the computer are connected over the same network.
  • Restart the Ricoh printer and your computer.
  • Check if you have configured the print settings correctly. If not, re-configure them.
  • Make sure that your Ricoh printer is selected in the Print properties window.
  • Re-install the printer driver on your computer if you have installed the incorrect one.
Ricoh Printer Setup

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