Quick Steps For Setting Up Ts3355 On Ubuntu

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Canon Pixma Ts3355 Printer

Canon PIXMA TS-3355 is an all-in-one printer that is ideal for large business/office printing needs. It is designed to work with almost all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. So, you can configure and access this printer on any device at ease.The hardware setup and the software installation of TS-3355 is a straightforward method to perform. Continue reading this page to know more about the same.

Preparing The Canon Ts3355 Printer

Before you begin the software installation on Ubuntu, complete the printer’s hardware setup by following the instructions below. (If you have already completed the setup, skip this step).

Setting Up Ts3355 On Ubuntu
  • Unpack the printer completely.
  • Install the ink cartridges in their slots. Ensure that the tri-color cartridge is installed on the left-hand side of the slot. Similarly, install the black cartridge on the right-hand side of the slot.
  • Load paper into the cassette.
  • Download the printer driver for Ubuntu from the printer’s support page.
  • Connect your Ubuntu computer and the TS-3355 printer over the same wireless network. If you wish to use USB, then connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable only when prompted during the driver installation process.

Downloading The Canon Ts3355 Printer Driver

If you haven’t downloaded the Canon PIXMA TS-3355 printer driver for Ubuntu, follow the instructions below to download it.

Canon Ts3355 Setup On Ubuntu
  • Go to your Canon printer’s support page.
  • Click the Drivers or Software tab.
  • Choose the OS type (for which you want to download the driver) and the language from the drop-down menus given, if necessary.
  • Now, locate the recommended printer driver for your Ubuntu OS and click on the Download button below it.
  • Once the driver file is downloaded, you can begin the setup process on your computer.
Canon Ts3355 Driver Download On Ubuntu

Canon Pixma TS3355 Setup On Ubuntu Using Installer

You can set up the Canon PIXMA TS-3355 printer on Ubuntu using the installer or specifying the package. The instructions below explain the installation using the installer file.

  • Sign in to your Ubuntu computer as a root user.
  • Open the Terminal window on your computer.
  • Now, expand the archived file using the command below:
  • tar zxvf cnijfilter2-5.40-x-deb.tar.gz
  • Switch the file to an expanded directory using:
  • cd cnijfilter2-5.40-x-deb
  • Install the TS-3355 printer driver on your Ubuntu by running:
  • sudo ./install.sh
  • Now, the printer driver available for your OS type will start installing.
  • Once the driver is installed, a screen asking you to choose the connection method will open, as displayed below.
  • If you wish to use USB, type 1 in the Terminal window and tap Enter on your computer’s keyboard.
  • Similarly, if you wish to use Network, type 2.
  • Choose and register your printer when prompted.
  • Complete the rest of the installation process by performing the on-screen instructions.

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