Ricoh Printer How To Scan [Simple Guide]

You might have heard about Ricoh printers. The Ricoh brand might not be well-known compared to other printers like Epson or Canon, but Ricoh printers have their own share of benefits that will be helpful for you. Follow below simple steps for Ricoh Printer How To Scan

Ricoh Printer How To Scan

When you use a Ricoh printer, you are using lesser components and investing in fewer alternative resources like a Biomass toner. All Ricoh printers are designed to be smaller, lighter, and user-friendly, and most importantly, they come with the ability to recycle and reuse.

Ricoh printers are primarily known for their high-end prints and multifunction features. They make a great choice when printing speed, size, and capabilities are concerned. Here, we are going to see one of the simplest features Ricoh printers offer. It is the scanning feature. You are going to read how to scan using a Ricoh printer in simple steps.

Here are the steps.

  • Ensure that the Ricoh printer is properly set up and connected to the power source.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Wait for the control panel display to open up on the printer.
  • Select the Scanner icon on display.
  • Place the original documents you want to scan on the Ricoh printer’s Auto Document Feeder.
  • Make sure that the documents in the ADF are placed properly and evenly with the print side facing up.
  • On the screen, you will find different options to scan (scan to emailscan to network, and scan to folder).

Here, we will see the steps to scan to email.

  • Tap the E-mail tab.
  • Select the button located below the E-mail Address section.
  • Tap Change on the screen.
  • Enter the receiver’s email address in the field and tap OK.
  • Tap OK and specify the email sender with the name.
  • Follow the commands on the printer display and complete the initial setup.
  • Once you are ready, press the Start button on the Ricoh printer.

There it is. You have read the steps on how to scan using your Ricoh printer.