The monochrome printer “Lexmark T640” is quite simple and easy to set up. Unpack the printer completely, and insert its setup CD into your computer. Complete the initial setup and install the printer driver to finish the setup. Scroll down this page to know the Lexmark T640 printer unboxing and setup process in detail.


Quick steps to perform the Lexmark T640 printer unboxing and setup

  • Unpack your Lexmark T640 printer if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Insert the setup CD of the printer into your computer.
  • The toner cartridge of this printer is pre-installed. But it is packed. So, unpack the toner and reinstall it into the printer.
  • Now, raise the output bin and take the input tray out of the printer.
  • Based on the paper type you’re loading, adjust the width guides of the tray.
  • Load a stack of paper into the tray and align the width guides again.
  • Now, based on your connectivity type, connect the corresponding cable to your printer.
  • For USB: Connect your Lexmark printer directly to the computer using the USB cable.
  • For Ethernet or Wired: Using a network cable or an Ethernet cable, connect your printer to the network device. Also, connect your computer (Windows or Mac) to the same network.
  • Finally, return to the installation wizard on your computer and install the printer driver to complete the Lexmark T640 printer setup



Download the Lexmark T640 printer driver for your Windows computer easily from this page by clicking the button named Driver Download or Driver Download for Windows. Once the printer driver for your OS type is downloaded, open it, and perform the software installation on your computer.


  • Go to the Lexmark T640 printer’s official support page.
  • If necessary, choose your Mac OS type correctly by clicking the Change OS command.
  • Now, from the list of drivers, choose the printer driver that you wish to install on your Mac computer and download it.


Click on the Manual Download button provided on this page to download a soft copy of your Lexmark printer’s user manual.


Basic procedure to install the Lexmark T640 printer driver on your computer

  • Open the Lexmark T640 printer driver file from the setup CD or the downloaded driver folder.
  • Click Install Printer & Software > Agree > Suggested > Next > Local Attach > Finish.
  • Connect your printer to the computer when prompted.
  • Install the printer driver by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, perform a test print to check whether the driver installation is done correctly.


To perform the duplex printing operation on this Lexmark printer, you have to install a duplex unit on it. If you haven’t installed the duplex unit on your printer, install it by following the below instructions, and then perform the duplex printing operation.

Installing a duplex unit

  • Get the duplex unit that you wish to install on your printer. (Note: Usually, two different types of duplex units are provided along with the printer. Each one will differ based on its capacity).
  • Now, on the top of the existing drawer or tray, place the duplex unit.
  • Make sure that the duplex unit on your printer is placed correctly.

Duplex printing

  • Open the document that you want to print.
  • Go to the printer’s Settings menu.
  • Select the Print Media option, followed by Duplex or 2-sided printing.
  • Configure the other settings as per your desire.
  • Finally, click Apply. Now, the duplex printing operation will be initiated on your printer.


  • Get a replacement or new toner cartridge.
  • Now, open your printer’s front cover.
  • Take the empty or damaged toner cartridge out of the printer.
  • Now, unpack the new one and insert it into the printer.
  • Make sure that the toner cartridge is installed properly and close the front cover of the printer.


To install the latest Lexmark T640 printer firmware, first, download the latest firmware file from the printer’s official support page. After downloading the file, run it on your computer to finish the update.

  • On the Lexmark T640 printer’s support page, choose your OS type if necessary.
  • Go to the Firmware section.
  • Check if the latest version of firmware is available. If yes, click on it.
  • Now, the latest firmware file will start to download.
  • Once the firmware file is downloaded, run it on your computer. While performing the firmware update process, make sure that your computer and the printer are connected.


Some common Lexmark T640 printer issues and the troubleshooting instructions for the same are given below. Click Call to contact us if you need remote assistance in performing the same or resolving any other printer issues.


Restore your printer settings to default by performing the below instructions.

  • Initially, make sure that your Lexmark T640 printer is turned on.
  • Now, initiate the factory reset process by pressing the Menu button on the printer’s operational panel.
  • Select Settings > Setup Menu > Factory Default > Restore Now and press Yes.
  • Wait for the factory reset process to complete.
  • Once it is done, reconfigure the printer settings and print a test page.


The Printer Offline error occurs if your printer and computer are not connected to the same network or the printer is set to offline while performing the print operation. To clear this error message, try the simple and quick instructions given below.

  • Initially, you have to make sure that your Lexmark T640 printer is turned on.
  • After ensuring it, check whether your Windows or Mac computer and the printer are connected over a wired or USB connection.
  • Connect both the devices (printer & computer) if they are not connected.
  • As said above, check whether your printer is set to offline. To check it, open the Control Panel or Settings window on your computer.
  • Select the Hardware & Sound option, followed by Printers or Printers & Faxes.
  • Locate your printer, and if its icon appears washed-out, it means the printer is set to offline.
  • To get the printer back online, right-click on it and select the Use Printer Online option.
  • Now, check whether the Printer Offline error is resolved by printing a test page.
  • If the printer prints the test page successfully, it means the printer offline error is cleared.
  • Otherwise, reset the printer settings to their defaults by referring to the instructions above and then perform the print operation.


Generally, when paper is jammed inside the printer, it is informed to you through an error message, along with the appropriate error code; the Show areas option will help you clear the paper jam easily. Now, if the error message "200 and 201 Paper Jam Remove Cartridge" is displayed on your printer screen, then follow the below instructions to clear it.

  • Open your printer’s front cover.
  • Now, gently take the toner cartridge out of the printer.
  • Locate the jammed paper and remove it carefully.
  • Place the cartridge back into its slot and close the front cover.
  • Now, check whether the paper jam error is cleared by printing a test page.

Similarly, based on the paper jam error message displayed on the screen, perform the necessary steps to clear it.


Clear the 930.00 Printhead error or 931.00 Printhead error on your Lexmark printer by following the simple instructions given below.

  • Restart your printer. To do so, turn off the printer completely and turn it on after 1 minute.
  • If the same printhead error message is displayed on the screen, then check whether the cables are seated properly inside the printer.
  • Seat the cables if they are not seated correctly.
  • Make sure that your printer is connected directly to the wall outlet.
  • If the above solutions don’t clear the printhead error, then you need to service the printer.


  • Usually, the Lexmark T640 printer prints blank pages if the media type settings are not configured correctly.
  • Reconfigure the media type settings correctly and then perform the print operation.
  • If the printer prints blank pages even after following the above steps, then check whether the toner cartridge has enough ink to perform the print operation.
  • Replace the cartridge if it is empty.