Lexmark MS810n Setup

Lexmark MS810n is a monochrome laser printer that is ideal for home and small office environments. It has an impressive printing speed compared to its peers and can print up to 55 pages per minute (ppm). The printer improves the print speeds by utilizing the 512 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM), an 800 MHz dual-core processor, and Gigabit Ethernet. The 2.4-inch preview screen, along with a handful of dedicated buttons, is quite handy to perform day-to-day tasks with the machine. However, the printer doesn't support a wireless connection. By the way, here we’ll see in-depth about the Lexmark MS810n printer setup.


Lexmark MS810n Setup
  • Unbox the Lexmark printer and its accessories from the box package.
  • Unwrap all the protective materials from the inside and outside of the printer.
  • Firmly connect the power cord between the printer and the power supply.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  • Use the control panel to select the preferred Language and Time.
  • By opening the front cover, install the newly received toner cartridge into its slot.
  • Gently pull out the paper tray from the printer.
  • Load some sheets of paper in the tray and adjust the paper guides to hold the paper.
  • Now close the paper tray, so the paper does not come out from the paper tray.
  • So, this is all about the unboxing and initial setup of the printer.
  • Install the printer software on your computer or laptop to finish the overall setup of your Lexmark MS810n printer.


In the below section, we’ll discuss the steps that are involved in downloading the printer driver for the Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Turn on your Windows computer and connect it to a stable Internet connection.
  • In your default browser, go to the Lexmark printer support page.
  • Now choose Driver in the Type field, Windows in the OS field, and then choose your Windows version.
  • Select the driver that supports your operating system.
  • On the Confirm Download page, verify all the details such as File name, File size, OS, Languages, Version, etc.
  • Click on the Start Download button to save the file to your PC.
  • Once the download is complete, you can carry on with the installation process.


  • Turn on your Mac computer and connect it to the Internet.
  • Go to the official Lexmark support page for the Lexmark MS810n printer.
  • Go to the Drivers & Downloads tab. Then choose your Mac OS version and other required options.
  • Select the driver that supports your Mac OS version.
  • Click on the Start Download button to initiate the download process.
  • After the file gets saved on your Mac computer, you can proceed with the installation process.


  • Before starting the driver installation, make sure you close any running applications, as in some cases, it might affect the installation of the printer driver.
  • On your computer, double-click on the printer driver setup file.
  • In the setup wizard, click Install Drivers > Install Print and Scan Drivers.
  • Follow the setup wizard instructions carefully and act accordingly to your choice.
  • Click Install to continue.
  • Read the license agreements and select the checkbox to accept the same.
  • Click Continue and allow any security warnings.
  • Select Local connection type and click Continue.
  • Connect the printer to your machine using the wired connection (USB or Ethernet).
  • If the installer menu prompts you to restart your system, do the same.
  • If the setup wizard prompts you to enter the IP address, then enter the printer's IP address.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation on your computer.
  • After the setup, you can print an alignment page.


  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Go to the official Lexmark website, where you can view the user manual of your Lexmark MS810n printer.
  • You can save the user manual to your computer by clicking the Download icon next to the Print icon.
  • If you got a physical copy of the user manual along with your Lexmark printer, then you can read it to know more about your printer.


When it comes to efficiency and hassle-free experience in the printing world, wireless technology leads the way, and Lexmark MS810n is behind it all. The Lexmark MS810n printer doesn’t support a wireless connection. However, you can establish a connection between the printer and your computer via a USB cable or Ethernet cable with appropriate drivers installed on your computer.


  • On your computer, go to the Printers and Faxes window.
  • Right-click on your Lexmark printer, then select Printing Preferences (2-sided printing) and click on OK.
  • You also need to specify the page layout to print a double-sided document on your Lexmark MS810n printer.
  • However, you can change the orientation by following the below steps.
  • In the Advanced tab, click on the Advanced settings option.
  • Tap on Orientation and select the page style.
  • There are three types of orientation, namely: Portrait, Landscape, and Rotated Landscape.
  • After choosing the required orientation, click on the OK button.


  • Before proceeding to the toner reset steps, make sure that the toner cartridge that has been installed on your printer is a new one.
  • Also, ensure that the toner cartridge is held firmly on your Lexmark printer.
  • On your printer, press the Menu button until the Tests Menu appears on the display.
  • Press the Select button twice to open the settings page of your printer.
  • The base code level should be at least 803.04, which is necessary to allow manual resetting of the toner levels.
  • If the number is below 803.04, then update the printer code.
  • If it is well above the required number, then place the printer in the new configuration mode.
  • Reset the toner level and print the color sample pages.


  • The replacement of the imaging unit requires manual intervention. Follow the below simple steps.
  • Turn off your printer.
  • Remove the outside cover of your Lexmark printer.
  • Gently remove the imaging unit from the printer.
  • Remove all the protective materials from the newly purchased drum unit.
  • Now, insert the new drum unit into its respective slot.
  • Finally, close the cover.
  • Always remember that you need to clean the printer interior whenever you replace the imaging unit.
Lexmark MS810n Setup


Sometimes due to minor or major bugs in software drivers, wired connection, power supply, etc., you may face some printer issues that are pretty much unavoidable. Still, you can troubleshoot the problem by following certain procedures with your Lexmark MS810n printer.


  • Check the printer driver settings on your computer.
  • Go to the Printers and Faxes folder on your PC.
  • Right-click on the printer driver and select the Properties menu.
  • Click on the Device Settings tab.
  • Check whether the duplex unit is set to Available.
  • There could be a case where your printer’s duplex feature is not working due to a paper jam.
  • In that case, you should remove the input tray and see whether all the paper are properly aligned with no physical damage.
  • Close the input tray and press the OK button on the control panel if necessary.


  • If you see the error code 900.00 on your printer’s control panel, this might be due to some network or connectivity issue on your printer.
  • You can get rid of the firmware error by soft resetting your printer.
  • First, switch off the printer and remove all the connections from the machine.
  • Always make sure that there are no print jobs pending on your machine.
  • Connect all the discarded cables back to your machine.
  • Firmly press the power button for about one minute.
  • Now check whether the firmware error message is gone.


There might be several reasons for the printer offline problem. Here we will discuss some of the most frequently occurring issues along with their solutions.

  • Make sure that your printer has a reliable power supply.
  • The printer might be out of paper, so open the paper tray and load some paper into it.
  • Try connecting the printer to your computer via a wired connection (USB or Ethernet connection).
  • Check if the printer’s toner cartridge is appropriately installed.
  • There are chances that your printer’s toner might be empty. So, replace it with a new one.
  • Check whether the printer is in Energy Saver mode.
  • There are chances that your printer might be in a busy state.
  • Remove and then reinstall the printer driver on your computer.
  • Check for any error messages on the printer display, and resolve them by using the on-screen instructions.
  • Verify that your Lexmark MS810n printer is not in the paused or offline state.
  • Cross-check all the above-given steps and see whether your Lexmark printer got rid of the printer offline problem.


Resetting the printer to its default factory settings is the last thing one should do to troubleshoot the printer issue. Resetting the printer to its default settings erases all the settings that you have made right from the date of purchase. As you have decided to Factory Reset your Lexmark printer, follow the below steps.

  • Turn on your printer and connect to a reliable power supply, as the resetting process requires an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Go to your printer’s control panel and press the Login button.
  • Enter your Admin password if necessary.
  • If you have changed the password, then enter the newly created one.
  • Press the Home button.
  • Touch Device > Resets.
  • Tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • In the confirmation message, tap on the Reset button.
  • All jobs, presets, applications, and device settings will be reset.
  • Once the reset process gets completed, the printer restarts by itself.
  • The installation wizard starts up and will guide you through the setup process.
  • Now you can start setting up your Lexmark MS810n printer from the beginning.


  • Usually, the service error 111.33 occurs due to some minor issues with the printer.
  • So, you need to check whether all the cables are connected properly.
  • There should not be any loose connections at all.
  • See whether the cables are damaged from either side.
  • Clean the printhead if it is dirty or is kept unclean for a more extended period.
  • If everything is OK, try resetting the machine or the controller board of your Lexmark MS810n printer.


Error codes usually occur when there is an issue with the printer, and you need to sort them out as soon as you notice them. We have given some of the most frequently occurring error codes that might have occurred on your Lexmark printer.

  • The following error codes indicate that a non-genuine Lexmark imaging unit has been installed on your Lexmark printer: 32.14, 32.17, 32.20, 32.23, 32.26, 32.29, 32.32, 32.35, 32.38.
  • The below-stated error codes indicate that a non-genuine Lexmark toner cartridge is installed on your printer: 32.13, 32.16, 32.19, 32.22, 32.25, 32.28, 32.31, 32.34, 32.37.
  • Apart from these errors, there are many more error codes that might appear on your printer, which can be solved easily by following some basic procedures.