HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Install

Follow simple steps for HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Install. Take out the HP Photosmart 2610 from the carton. The printer package includes the following:

HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Unboxing Setup

HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Install
  • The Installation CD (Windows and Mac)
  • Two ink cartridges
  • Phone cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • User and Installation Guide
  • Power AC adapter
  • After unpacking the printer, lift the graphic color display on the top right corner of the printer.
  • Take out the paper tray from the front of the printer and move the paper guides to the edges.
  • Insert a stack of paper and bring the paper guides to the edges of the paper.
  • Take the power cord and adapter. Connect it to the main plug point and to the back of the printer.
  • Connect the telephone line cord to the telephone socket and to the back of the printer.
  • Press the Power button on the printer.
  • Open the access door of the printer.
  • Flip the cartridge holders up to install the ink cartridges received with the printer.
  • Take out the tricolor cartridge from the sealed packaging, remove the tape from the cartridge, and then gently push the cartridge in until it clicks.
  • Perform the same step for the black color cartridge.
  • Press the OK button on the printer control panel and the ink cartridges will be aligned.
  • Now, turn on your computer, insert the installation CD, and install the printer software on the computer.
  • While installing the printer software, choose the connection type and connect the printer to the computer.

HP Photosmart 2610 Driver Download

  • You can download the driver for the HP Photosmart 2610 printer from the Official HP support page.
  • On your computer, open the default browser and go to the support page of HP Photosmart 2610.
  • On the printer’s support page, click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab.
  • Choose the operating system and click the Download button beside the required printer driver.

HP Photosmart 2610 Driver Install

  • Once the driver download for the HP Photosmart 2610 printer
      is complete, open the downloaded file.
  • Now run the installer on your computer. However, if you have the installation CD, you can use it to install the printer driver.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts or instructions to run the setup.
  • On the Connection Type screen of the setup wizard, you can choose either the Directly to this computer or the Through the network option.
  • Complete the remaining instructions you see on the installation wizard.
  • Once the driver is installed, you will see the Congratulations message.

HP Photosmart 2610 Driver For Mac [Download & Install]

  • Go to the official support page of HP Photosmart 2610.
  • On the support page, you have to click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab.
  • See if your Mac OS is detected by the web page. If not, click the Choose a different OS link and select your OS version.
  • Select the driver you want to download and click the Download button.
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will see the type of connection you want to set up the printer. Select the appropriate one and complete the installation with the help of the instructions on the installation wizard.

HP Photosmart 2610 Manual Download

  • Open the official HP Support page.
  • Search for HP Photosmart 2610 and press the Enter button.
  • On the printer’s support page, click the Manuals tab.
  • Click on the required manual and download the PDF to your computer.

HP Photosmart 2610 Usb Setup

  • If you want to have a wired connection to your HP Photosmart printer, follow the steps. Note: These steps are meant for a Windows computer.
  • Complete the initial setup of the printer and keep it turned on.
  • Get a USB cable that is compatible with the printer. Do not connect the cable until you are prompted to do so in the installation wizard.
  • Insert the installation CD into your computer. If you don’t have the installation CD, download the printer driver from the official HP site.
  • Run the installer and carry out the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
  • When you see the Connection Type screen, click the Directly to this computer radio button and click Next.
  • Connect the USB cable between the computer and the printer when you see the instruction on the installation wizard.
  • Follow the instructions on the installation wizard to complete the USB setup.

HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Functions:

HP Photosmart 2610 is an all-in-one printer, which means it supports the printing, scanning, faxing, and copying functions. Here are the steps for the printer functions.

HP Photosmart 2610 Print Setup

  • The following steps will help you to print on HP Photosmart 2610 from a Windows computer.
  • Make sure you have the papers loaded in the paper input tray.
  • Open the document or image on your computer.
  • Click the File tab and select Print.
  • Choose your HP Photosmart 2610 printer.
  • Click the Properties option and make changes according to your preference.
  • Once you have made changes, close the properties dialog box by clicking OK.
  • Click the Print or OK button to begin printing.

HP Photosmart 2610 Scan Setup

  • Place the documents (facing down) you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • Press the Scan button on the printer.
  • The Scan Menu will appear.
  • With the help of the up or the down arrow on the control panel, select the application to which you want to send the scanned document.
  • If the printer is connected using USB, press the Start Color or Start Black button.
  • If the printer is connected over a network, choose the select the computer and then press the Start Color or Start Black button.
  • On your computer, preview the document and click Accept to begin the scan.

HP Photosmart 2610 Printer Offline

HP Scan Doctor:

  • Download the HP Scan Doctor tool from the official HP support page.
  • Run the downloaded HPPSdr.exe file and install it.
  • Once the HP Scan doctor tool opens, select your HP Photosmart 2610 printer.
  • Follow the instructions displayed in the tool to fix the printer offline issue.
  • If the HP Scan Doctor tool fails to bring back the printer online, proceed to the next method.

See What's Printing:

  • Open the Control Panel window on your Windows computer.
  • Click the Hardware and Sound option followed by the Devices and Printers option.
  • You will see the list of the printer(s) connected to your computer.
  • Right-click the HP Photosmart printer and select the See what's printing? option.
  • Delete the pending print jobs.
  • Click the Printer option and click the checkbox to disable the option Use Printer Offline. 

HP Photosmart 2610 Fax Setup

  • Connect your telephone cord from the telephone jack and the Line1 port of the HP Photosmart 2610 printer.
  • Now, to have the incoming calls answered automatically, press the Setup button.
  • Press 4 and then press 3.
  • You will see the Basic Fax Setup menu and then select Auto Answer.
  • Select 1 to enable Auto Answer.
  • Press the OK button to confirm.
  • Now, you have to run a fax test. For this, press the Setup menu.
  • Press 6 followed by 5. This will select Tools followed by Run Fax Test.
  • Now, the printer will print a report, where you can check the success of the fax setup.

HP Photosmart 2610 Copy Setup

  • Load a photo or a document you want to copy on the HP Photosmart 2610 printer, with the printed side facing down.
  • Load enough paper in the input tray.
  • Press the Copy button on the printer.
  • The copy menu will appear. Press 1 and this will select the Number of Copies option.
  • Press the right navigation button to set the number of copies and then press OK.
  • Press the Start Copy Color or Start Copy Black button.

HP Photosmart 2610 Paper Jam

  • Open the output tray of the HP Photosmart 2610 printer.
  • Remove all the paper from the paper tray.
  • Take out the envelopes from the paper tray.
  • Remove the jammed paper and the paper fragments from the printer.
  • Arrange the papers and the envelopes properly into the paper tray.
  • Now, check if the paper jam error has been fixed.

HP Photosmart 2610 Not Printing

  • Make sure you have the appropriate media size selected in the printer.
  • You can print a nozzle check pattern to see if the ink cartridges are correctly installed in the printer. 
  • If you find the print head clogged, it's safe if you clean it properly.
  • Make sure you have selected the HP printer on the computer before starting the print job.
  • Restart the printer and computer, then try to print.
  • Still, if the printing issue persists, click the CALL button for assistance.