HP Envy 7855 Setup [Ultimate Guide]

HP Envy Photo 7855 is an All-in-One printer that supports all the printer functions. The print speed varies according to the document’s complexity. For HP Envy 7855 setup, carry out the simple steps given below.

HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer Unboxing Setup

  • Take the HP Envy 7855 printer out of the box.
  • Remove all the tapes, packing materials, and stickers from the outside and inside of the printer.
  • Plug the power cord into the printer’s rear port and an electrical outlet.
  • Power up the printer and set your initial preferences.
  • Unpack the ink cartridges and install them in their slots.
  • Place some paper in the printer’s main tray. Align the guides against the paper.
  • Download and install the HP Envy 7855 printer software on your computer.
HP Envy 7855 Setup

HP Envy 7855 Driver Download

  • To download the HP Envy 7855 printer driver, click the Driver Download link on this page.
  • Alternatively, you can download the printer driver from the official HP website.
  • The downloaded installer will be saved in the computer’s Downloads folder.

HP Envy 7855 Driver Install

  • After downloading the latest printer driver, double-click the installer. Otherwise, use the installation CD for the printer.
  • Carry out the on-screen prompts.
  • When a prompt message appears for the connection, choose your preferred connection type.
  • Perform the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the installation.

HP Envy 7855 Wireless Setup

  • Make sure your printer and wireless router are turned on.
  • On the HP Envy 7855 printer’s control panel, tap the Wireless icon.
  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Select Wireless Settings -> Wireless Setup Wizard or Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Carry out the display panel instructions to finish the wireless setup.

HP Envy 7855 USB Setup

  • Download the printer software from the official HP site.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  • When you see a prompt to choose the connection type, choose the USB option.
  • Connect a USB cable between the printer’s rear port and the computer’s USB port.
  • Carry out the remaining steps to finish the installation.

HP Envy 7855 Wired Setup

  • Establish a connection between the HP Envy 7855 printer’s rear port and the router’s LAN port.
  • Connect the router to your computer.
  • Download the HP printer software from the manufacturer website. Now, install it on the computer as per the on-screen prompts.
  • While installing it, choose the Wired Connection option.
HP Envy 7855 Wired Setup

HP Envy 7855 Printer Functions

The HP Envy 7855 printer supports printing, scanning, copying, and scanning. To know how to perform these functions, refer to the following quick steps.

Using the HP Smart app (Android or iOS device)

  • Install and launch the HP Smart app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the Add icon to add the HP Envy 7855 printer.
  • Select Print Photos, Print Facebook Photos, or your preferred print option.
  • Choose the photo or document to print. Tap the Print option to begin printing.

Using the HP printer software (Windows)

  • Place enough paper in the printer’s input tray.
  • In the HP printer software, click Print. Make sure the HP Envy 7855 printer has been selected.
  • Open the Properties dialog box and specify the required print preferences.
  • Click OK -> Print or OK to start printing.

Using the HP Smart app (Android or iOS device)

  • Launch the HP Smart app on your smartphone.
  • Add the HP Envy 7855 printer.
  • Select your scanning option and scan the document or photo.
  • Once done, adjust the scanned document or photo and save it on the smartphone.

Using the HP printer software (Scan to computer - Windows)

  • If you have connected the HP printer to your Windows computer using a USB cable, the Scan to Computer feature is enabled by default.
  • If you are using the Wireless connection, you have to enable this feature. To do this, launch the HP printer software on the computer.
  • Navigate to the Scan section and click the Manage Scan to Computer option.
  • Select the Enable option.
  • Once done, load the document with its print side face down on the scanner glass.
  • Return to the HP printer software. Go to the Print, Scan & Fax section.
  • Click Scan -> Scan a document or photo.
  • Choose your scan type and click the Scan option.
  • The printer scans the document and sends it to the computer.
  • Make sure to load enough paper in the printer’s input tray.
  • Place a document on the scanner glass (print-side face down) or in the document feeder (print-side face up).
  • On the printer’s control panel, tap the Copy option.
  • Select the Document option.
  • Specify the number of copies. If necessary, set additional copy preferences.
  • Tap the Black or Color option to begin copying.
  • Load your document into the printer’s document feeder with its print side face up.
  • If you are placing it on the scanner glass, its print side must face down.
  • Tap the Fax option on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select the Send Now option.
  • Type the fax number using the keypad.
  • Tap the Black or Color option to send a fax.

HP Envy 7855 Printer Offline

  • Use the special version of HP Print and Scan Doctor that is specifically created to resolve the offline printer problem.
  • Check the printer port and the Windows services status.
  • On your Windows computer, set Envy 7855 as your default printer. To do this, enter devices in the Windows search bar. Click the Printers & Scanners option.
  • Remove the checkmark next to Let Windows manage my default printer.
  • Choose the HP Envy 7855 printer, click the Manage option, and select the Set as default option.

HP Envy 7855 Not Printing Issues

  • Install and use the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility to diagnose the printing issues automatically.
  • To manually resolve the print issues, perform the following steps.
  • Check if the printer is turned on.
  • If you see any error messages on the display panel, carry out the LCD panel instructions to resolve them.
  • Do not use any intermediate like a USB hub for the USB connection.
  • Set HP Envy 7855 as the default printer.
  • Check if the printer status is not paused or offline.
  • Restart the Print Spooler and the computer.
  • Clear all the print jobs in the print queue.