HP DeskJet 4155e is an all-in-one wireless printer ideal for home printing needs. With the HP Smart app, you can print your documents from your smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. This article explains the procedure for hp deskjet 4155e print from phone. With all that said, let us move into the topic.

Hp 4155e Print From Phone


Before you go ahead, you should complete your printer’s hardware setup. Follow these instructions for the detailed procedure.

  • Open the product box and take out everything you received.
  • Discard all the protective materials from the printer and its components.
  • Connect the power cord between your printer and a power outlet.
  • Your printer turns on automatically. If not, press the Power button.
  • Unpack the supplied cartridges and insert them into the respective holders.
  • Load a stack of paper into the input tray and adjust the guides against the stack.


HP Smart lets you print, scan, and copy your documents with a single click. The following instructions can guide you through the whole process of hp deskjet 4155e print from phone.

  • Open the Play Store or App Store application and download HP Smart.
  • Open the HP Smart app and log in to your HP account. In case you don’t have an account, create a new HP account and complete the setup.
  • Log In To Your Hp Account
  • Press the Wireless and Information buttons at the same time to print the Network Configuration page. Then, locate your printer’s Wi-Fi name and password and note them down.
  • Head to your smartphone and enable Wi-Fi. When it shows you a list of nearby networks, tap your printer’s network name and enter the password in the respective field.
  • Open the HP Smart app and tap the App Printer option. It will display a list of nearby printers; locate your HP printer and tap on it.
  • Tap the Print Documents option and browse for the document you want to print.
  • Select the document and tap the Print icon.
  • Finally, tap the Print button.
  • Now, your printer will start printing the documents you have sent.

In this manner, you should Do the process of hp deskjet 4155e print from phone. For further questions and clarifications, you can reach our technical experts for assistance.