Canon Ts3355 Connect To Wifi | Simple Steps

When you process Canon TS3355 connect to Wi-Fi network, you can establish a wireless communication between your printer and the computer. If you want to know the correct procedure for connecting your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network, continue to read the following sections.

Canon Ts3355 Printer Hardware Setup

It is important to finish your printer’s hardware setup before you connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Follow these instructions for the detailed procedure.

Canon Ts3355 Connect To Wifi
  • First, you need to unpack your Canon printer and take out everything you have received.
  • Next, remove all the packing materials from your printer and its accessories.
  • Take the power cord that you received and connect it between your printer and a power outlet.
  • Turn on your printer and then choose your preferred language.
  • Unpack the ink tanks and install them on the respective holders.
  • Now, extend the printer’s paper cassette.
  • Slide the paper guides to the extreme ends.
  • Take a paper stack and load it into the paper cassette.
  • Adjust the guides against the paper.
  • Finally, reinsert the cassette into the printer.

That’s it. You have completed your printer’s hardware setup. Proceed with the following section to connect your Canon TS3355 printer to your Wi-Fi network.

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Canon TS3355 Wireless Setup

Canon TS3355 Wireless Setup
  • Before you connect your Canon TS3355 to your Wi-Fi network, ensure that your router is working fine and you know its Wi-Fi credentials.
  • To print your documents wirelessly, ensure to connect your printer and the computer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your printer, locate the Network button and press it until the Wi-Fi LED starts to flash. Now, Wi-Fi Protected Setup will be activated on your printer.
  • Now, press your router’s WPS button.
  • The connection between your printer and the router will be established within a short duration.

In this way, you should connect your Canon TS3355 to your Wi-Fi network. To connect your computer and the printer, proceed with the next section.

Connect Your Computer And Canon Ts3355 Printer

You need to install the necessary driver on your computer to access your printer. Without the driver, your computer cannot communicate with your Canon printer. So, follow the instructions below to install the software and connect your printer and the computer.

  • When you purchased your Canon TS3355 printer, you should have received the installation CD. Insert this CD-ROM into your computer’s CD drive and install the software.
  • In case your computer doesn’t include a CD drive, or you have misplaced the installation CD, visit the official page of Canon. Then, enter your printer model and get the suitable driver that is compatible with your Operating System.
  • When you have downloaded the driver, locate the setup file in the Downloads folder and run the file.
  • When the software’s license agreement appears, go ahead and accept the terms and conditions.
  • On the Connection Method screen, select Wireless.
  • Now, the installer will identify the Wi-Fi credentials and establish the connection between your printer and the computer.

In this manner, you should perform Canon TS3355 connect to WiFi network. If you still have any questions, you can reach our technical experts.